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Ready To Become A Small Business Owner? 10 Things You Should Know

Small businesses are the economy’s engine, and owning one of these companies is a cornerstone of the American dream. If you are ready to become a small-business owner, RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC believes there are certain things you ought to know.

Here are 10 of the top matters to consider when deciding to launch a small business:

1. The SBA is your friend
The U.S. Small Business Administration, a government agency devoted to startups and smaller companies, might be the greatest supporter of entrepreneurs in the country. Following its 10-step program will put you on the right track to beginning your company. The steps include everything from composing a business plan to deciding on a location and acquiring the financing necessary to get the idea off the ground.

2. You need to be financially literate
Some small-business owners will not understand the mathematics that play into an organization’s success or failure. Entrepreneur magazine, an online publication that focuses on small business ownership, affirms budget planning, record keeping and accounting all must conform to national guidelines and recognized best practices. Having financial management education will be an asset before starting your career as an entrepreneur.

3. Your personality matters
American Express OPEN forum, an online community established by the credit card company to support entrepreneurship, explains that individuals who avoid making decisions or are overly disorganized will generally struggle in small business ownership. Make sure your true personality traits properly align with the demands of owning a small business.

4. Culture needs to be a priority
Unless you look to be your business’s sole employee, you need to have a focus on culture right from the start. Inc. magazine, a publication devoted to business ownership and industry news, notes that company culture – including a company’s mission, guidelines for staff relationships, business goals and more – is critical when running a successful small business. Decide on how you wish your corporate culture to function and how to make it happen.

5. Helpful communities are available
You have to be independent when entering the small business arena, but highly supportive communities that can help are all over. U.S. News & World Report, a major online media company, recommends joining communities like StartupNation, Small Business Forum and Small Biz Nation to build a support system that is rich with former or current entrepreneurs able to share tips and lend advice.

6. Financing options are expanding
Entrepreneur magazine argues that there are many myths surrounding small business lending that all prospective owners should know as falsehoods. Financing is actually improving, and having a working knowledge of how the lending market truly functions can better position you when you seek out a loan.
There is a lot to consider when it comes to running a small business.

7. Timing is everything
If you start your business at a bad time for the industry in which it competes, the road will be uphill. The National Federation of Independent Business, an organization that supports companies with market research, regularly releases optimism reports. Optimism can  direct you as to when a good time to launch your company would be.

8. The first hire is a big one
Your first hire will play a major role in the company’s rise over time, so make sure you follow the best practices of recruitment and onboarding. The SBA offers helpful guidance to ensure you cover your bases and handle your first hire properly.

9. Taxes can be complicated
If this is your first time as an entrepreneur, you’ll likely need to check out the full range of tax codes and demands. Intuit, a software company that assists companies and consumers, has a thorough rundown of starting small business tax management from scratch.

10. Manage insurance proactively
You need to have liability, asset and other types of insurance coverage before you open your doors. Contact RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC to ensure you are protected against the full spectrum of threats that face your company both in its beginnings and throughout its times of growth down the road.

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