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Office Safety Hazard Tips


What Safety Hazards Are Lurking In Your Office?

You typically don’t think of an office setting as a dangerous work zone, but it is. In 2008, more than 80,000 private industry office and administrative workers suffered on-the-job injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Loss control specialists encourage you to look for the following risks in your office setting and take appropriate action to increase the safety of your employees:
■Arrange office furnishings to provide workers with unobstructed areas for movement.

■Make sure stairways are well-illuminated and kept in good condition.

■Mark any differences in floor levels that could result in a fall.

■Keep walkways clear of cords, clutter and spills.

■Use stepladders rather than chairs to reach high objects.
  ■Use full-spectrum lights to reduce eyestrain.

■Use task lighting where possible to direct light to where it is needed most.

■Reduce monitor glare by using plasma screens or removable anti-glare screens.

■Reduce sun glare with window blinds or tinted glass.

 ■If possible, relocate noisy equipment away from workers.

■Use carpeting to help absorb foot traffic and conversational noise.

■Incorporate partitions to reduce noise around workstations.

■Be sure workers know how to adjust chairs to eliminate strain.

■Reduce the possibility of low back strain by using footrests.

■Position computer monitors with the top of the screen at eye level.

■Reduce excessive reaching by placing the computer mouse close to the keyboard.

Source:  EMC Insurance Company. From on-site inspections to online training, Count on EMC® to help you reduce the hazards lurking around your office.