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Maintaining Productivity And Engagement Through The Holidays


The holiday season can be a tough one for businesses, especially when it comes to maintaining employee engagement. With plenty of distractions to contend against, leaders and managers need to step it up to maintain productivity and motivate staff throughout the holidays.

Here are a few tips from RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC to help you get the job done.

Go with the flow
Paychex, a provider of human resources and payroll services, suggests companies can help to ease the holiday stress, starting with scheduling. Allowing staff members to work flexibly will tend to translate to better productivity throughout the year, but this approach can be especially effective when the workforce is on the go during the holidays. Additionally, consider expanding remote work policies that give employees an option to go on vacation and still operate, but make sure that they understand their responsibilities and have the tools they need to be productive outside of the office.

Host productive parties
The Balance, an online business publication, recommends hosting celebrations for the holidays, and turning the parties into an annual event, as this will build morale while also improving corporate culture. According to the website, holiday parties are a great way to show your employees that they are appreciated, which is a fundamental element of engagement. Holiday parties can be invaluable in improving the team spirit of departments across the business. Always consider hosting these parties after work hours to ensure that productivity is positively impacted, rather than disrupted, by the event.

Intensify standard engagement programs
Planday, a workforce management solution provider, argues that recognition and incentive programs should be enhanced around this time of the year, pushing employees to perform at a higher level by giving them a good reason to be productive. End-of -year awards could be a great way to handle recognition, while incentive programs can include provisions related to working the days that most employees took paid time off. In sale departments, Planday states that gamification, or the practice of turning core tasks into games, should be considered as an action plan for motivating employees during the holidays.

Above all else, make sure you are communicating with employees to understand what will best motivate and engage them this December. Happy holidays!

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