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Easy Ways To Enhance Workplace Safety

Just in time for National Boss Day – which is celebrated today – supervisors are well regarded by their employees, it turns out. They may not be “besties,” or “BFFs,” but nearly 75% of workers consider their relationship with their boss to be good or excellent, according to a newly released survey from recruitment firm Spherion Staffing Services.

Furthermore, a number of people in today’s workforce look to their bosses for advice. In a separate poll conducted by legal staffing and consulting solutions company Robert Half, nearly 1 in 5 respondents said that their boss was the single best person who’s given them sound guidance on how to advance their career.

Jim Link, chief human resources officer at Randstad North America, pointed out that effective communication is the common bond between companies that have positive workplace camaraderie.

“The best gift you can give to your supervisor in celebration of National Boss’s Day is sharing your ideas and solutions, as communication is crucial in the workplace,” Link explained. “Not only is a healthy boss/employee relationship integral to overall career happiness, it is vital to positively affecting the company’s bottom line.”

Some of these solutions may be related to how to make a work environment safer, so that fewer people are out sick or injured due to an accident.

As a business owner, part of your job is to ensure that your workers understand how to be safe on the job. The following are a few simple ways to accomplish this:

Make training a priority
According to recent poll from Accenture, 80% of new employees expect on-the-job training when they sign up to work for a company. However, only 52% say that this was something they received. Training your employees for how to remain free from injury enables them to have the necessary tools needed to contribute to a company’s success and it also establishes that everyone is working from the same set of rules.

Reward employees for compliance
Good physical health and well-being is reason enough for employees to be compliant with a company’s safety regulations, but as is often the case, these rules can sometimes get put on the back burner when work gets busy. Observe your workers and consider rewarding them when they demonstrate safe practices while on the job, such as those they may have learned about during training.

Serve as an example
If you’re not demonstrating safe practices on the job site, why should your workers? Supervisors should strive to be self aware by implementing and practicing the rules and regulations of the company as they relate to staying safe and free from injury.

Be open to suggestions
Each industry differs in terms of what it takes to remain safety compliant, as some lines of work are more dangerous than others. In addition to the basic rules that are set up, be ready and willing to listen to your workers, who may have some additional ideas that can keep more of the company’s workers off the disabled list.

Demonstrate importance of ergonomics
An office job may not seem like a line of work where people’s safety is in jeopardy, but stress-related injuries are quite common in these professions, due to the repetitive nature of tasks like typing and sitting for extended periods. Be sure to emphasize what ergonomics is with your workers, which are practices that enhance workplace efficiency by putting less strain on the body.

Entrepreneur Magazine has a few other ideas for how to improve workplace safety, recommendations that cost next to nothing to implement.

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