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Why Business Insurance Is Important To A Growing Business

What’s the most challenging part of being a small business owner? The answer to this depends on who you ask and the industry you’re talking about, but for many, it’s marketing, according to the results of a recent survey.

Nearly two-thirds of people who own a company describe the advertising process as being the hardest aspect of business ownership, the Harris Poll found, with 40% having executed a campaign in the last six months.

When marketing is done well, the rewards are significant, evidenced by higher earnings, heightened consumer awareness and customer satisfaction. It’s all about growth as a business owner, and when advertising is effective, growth is what you get.

But with said growth comes changes, be it in the form of hiring more workers, expansion – e.g. like building on to the present work space or setting up a separate office – or longer operating hours.

Whatever it happens to be, the changes have to be accounted for with the proper business insurance plan.

As noted by the Insurance Information Institute, a business owner policy – or “BOP” – is the ideal policy for companies with 100 employees or fewer. They typically include property insurance, liability insurance and business interruption insurance should there be an accident that forces a temporary closure. Each of these coverages are critical to an effective plan for handling the nuances of entrepreneurship that are often in a state of flux.

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Article by Selective Insurance Company