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Independent Insurance Agent Advantage

Today insurance companies use many different types of distribution channels to reach and sell insurance products to consumers. Distribution channels range from local offices, Internet websites, and 800 numbers. Some insurance companies have even opened direct access for consumers to make changes on policies at anytime through use of the Internet. Technology and automation have increased competition among insurance companies which has kept cost for some insurance products at historic lows. Yet even today I believe more then ever it is important for consumers to work with independent agents. Independent Agents are the best value for insurance consumers. Independent agents represent many companies to attain the best pricing, coverage, claims handling and are the only agents that provide broad insurance carrier knowledge and advice .

Insurance companies might have a broad spectrum of products but price products differently based on the appetite of exposures each company deems as most profitable. Since independent agents represent many companies they have the unique ability to advise customers through the prism of the insurance marketplace not just a particular insurance company philosophy of risk, exposure and pricing.

The time when customers need the most help is when the claim process becomes a problem. If you have an experienced independent agent you will have help. Acting as a consumer advocate independent agents are able to expose pertinent information which may resolve disputes.

If you want the best value when purchasing insurance products purchase from an independent agent.