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To find success as a contractor, reaching and landing potential customers is essential to developing a client base. To reach potential customers, it’s important to understand how they are finding a contractor and what they are looking for when hiring one.

Let’s look at how consumers look for and choose contractors for their home remodeling or other projects.

Word of mouth
survey conducted by Contractor Nation revealed that word of mouth is the beginning of most consumers’ search. An overwhelming majority of people who want to hire a contractor turn to friends and family for recommendations. Only after they’ve received names from people they trust do they turn to the internet, contractors’ websites and other resources.

One great way to help generate these referrals is to have a program that pays a referral reward or offers free services for those who recommend your services.

The Internet
For potential clients to research you online, contractors need a website. Create a website that is easy to navigate, has clear and current contact information. Add a testimonial and/or gallery section to showcase your work and satisfied clients.

Don’t be afraid to ask happy clients to give you a few words of praise that you can post. Adding an easy-to-submit testimonial form to your website can make it easy for satisfied clients to sing your praises.

The Community
Don’t underestimate the value of being seen as a giver in the community. Donating your time and expertise is a great way to draw attention to your business. Volunteer with charities that need your expertise, or team up with local retailers or suppliers to hold do-it-yourself seminars.

When people need a contractor they trust, they’ll be more familiar with your skill and community spirit. And they’ll associate your generosity with your company’s.  Sponsoring a local sports team is a great way to market your company locally and build this foundation within the community.

What Clients Look for in a Contractor

One major factor many people take into consideration when hiring a contractor is reputation. They want to engage someone who has a proven track record of delivering quality work, on time, every time, without leaving a mess behind. It takes time to build a strong reputation but only moments to lose it. Always be aware of your actions and your words. Contractors who under promise, over deliver, speak the truth, and are consistent and fair in dealing with others are more likely to gain a good reputation.

Flexible payment options
Prospective clients look for easy payment options. Many people have heard horror stories about people who paid contractors a lot of money upfront, only to have the contractors disappear without finishing the contracted work. As a result, some customers may be reluctant to pay before work begins. Set up a reasonable payment schedule. Include benchmarks as work progresses. As you reach each benchmark, a new payment is due. This type of payment schedule makes clients more comfortable. And it shows that your business is on a solid financial footing and that you’re confident in your own work.

Playing phone tag is a business killer. Customers undergoing a remodeling or building project want a contractor who answers when they call. Make sure your phone number is answered by someone with the authority to make decisions and get things done. In some cases, contractors may need to be accessible yourself even when on a job site.

Protection from liability
Customers want to know that they won’t be held liable or suffer a loss if unforeseen damages or injuries occur. Ease their minds by being bonded and showing that you carry workers compensation insurance.

Contracting is a very competitive field. To survive, you need both skills as a craftsman and a degree of business savvy. At RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC, we are dedicated to helping contractors increase success so contact us today to learn more.

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