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In Storms Of Life, Don’t Get Caught Without An Umbrella

If you've ever found yourself caught out in the driving rain with nothing but the clothes on your back for protection, you know what kind of a miserable experience that can be, temporary as it is. With all that wetness and cold, its effects can leave you longing for the comfort of the indoors. All that goes away, though, with an umbrella as your guide,... Read Article

46 Million Vehicles On The Nation’s Roads With Unfixed Recall

Though 2014 was a stellar year for the automotive industry from a sales perspective - selling the most it has since 2006 - it was anything but that from a standpoint of safety. Tens of millions of vehicles were recalled by automakers due to safety concerns. Now comes word that many of the automobiles currently being driven by the nation's motorists have a recall that... Read Article

Keep Your Workers Healthy With a Wellness Program

Employers can help prevent unhealthy employee behaviors, which can lead to an increase in both workers compensation and healthcare costs, through the development of workplace wellness programs. Not only do these wellness programs improve employee morale and increase productivity, but they also reduce the frequency and severity of workers compensation claims, according to PMA Companies. Currently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports... Read Article

Employers Prepare For New OSHA Reporting Rule

Beginning January 1, 2015, employers will have new requirements for reporting workplace fatalities and serious injuries to the federal government. A new Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule also revises how records are kept and updates the list of employers partially exempt from recordkeeping requirements. Even an employer partially exempt from recordkeeping must still adhere to the new reporting requirements. REPORTING CHANGES Fatalities: Under the... Read Article

Ride Sharing- Driver, Rider Beware!

Ride-share alternatives to taxi services are becoming more popular as they expand to more cities. But because they’re so new, both riders and drivers should exercise caution. Ride-share programs on the surface sound like a win-win situation: if you need a ride, you can download an app to your mobile device to find and arrange transportation in a driver’s personal vehicle. A simple swipe of... Read Article