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Distracted Driving: What Could Possibly Happen?

Highway safety experts blame inattentive – or distracted – driving for 80 percent of all car accidents. So with just a few seconds of additional awareness of the road around us, we could potentially eliminate around 80 percent of crashes. How can just a few seconds make a difference? Consider the distance traveled by a vehicle running down the highway at 60 mph, or one... Read Article

Damage to premises rented to you coverage: Tenants Beware

When you rent space for your business, check the coverage limitations in your insurance policy. When leasing a building for your business, you have an obligation as a tenant to compensate the building owner for damage caused by your operations. It pays to be familiar with your insurance policy to assure that you have no coverage gaps or surprises in the event of a loss.... Read Article

Craft Safety Into Your Brewery Operation

Worker safety is an important consideration for a brewery of any size. There are more breweries operating in the United States now than at any other time in history. Data from the Brewers Association (BA), the trade association representing small and independent American brewers, shows that in 2015, 4,269 breweries provided nearly 122,000 jobs nationwide. Covering these employees for workers’ compensation can be expensive for... Read Article

Only 1 In 3 Know When Puppies Become Dogs

Each of us may not see eye to eye on everything, but here's something we all can agree on: Puppies are pretty doggone precious. Who among us doesn't melt at the sight of a young pug's scrunched snout or fall to pieces looking into the doughy eyes of a tender-aged Labrador? Where there's less like-mindedness, however, is exactly when puppies transition to full-grown pooches, according to... Read Article

3 Keys To Remember Before Hiring An Intern

In an increasingly competitive workforce, job seekers are going the extra mile to distinguish themselves from the competition. Similarly, employers are refining some of their prerequisites in order to establish a more polished, well-experienced staff. For example, nearly one-third of business owners today have increased their educational requirements for workers, both current and prospective, according to a recent poll conducted by Careerbuilder. But there's another... Read Article