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Is Your Home Ready for the Fall?

For homeowners, each season brings its own unique set of challenges and maintenance tasks, and prevention is always easier and less expensive than repairing something that’s broken. As fall approaches, consider protecting your home by taking the time to assess and address any issues in the following areas: Insulation from the cold. As the weather gets colder, poor insulation can be both uncomfortable and expensive,... Read Article

Launching a Health & Wellness Program

Health and wellness programs have become more common among the nation's larger enterprises. Now is the time for small businesses to begin implementing their own initiatives. Health and wellness programs offer benefits not only for the wellness of the employee, but also the success of the company. Let’s look at these benefits and ways to launch these programs. Substantive benefits Harvard Business Review, a major... Read Article

Key Attributes Millennials Are Seeking In An Employer

A successful business is much more than the sum of its parts, something that satisfied employees come to realize in the days after being hired. Still, these "parts" are typically the first elements job seekers investigate when determining the best places to work.  Contact RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC if you would like to expand the success of your business with an insurance program uniquely catered... Read Article

Preventing Dog Bites This Fall

Fall is a big season for dog parks, as owners try to get their canines outside as much as possible before the cold air of winter sets in. Bite risk will be heightened as a result. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a public agency devoted to population health management, states that America experiences 4.5 million dog bites annually. What's more, the Insurance Information... Read Article

September Is National Preparedness Month

September is a great time of year to ensure your home and family members are safe in the event of a disaster, as it is National Preparedness Month. From reviewing actions plans for common threats - including floods and fires - to properly stocking your home with supplies, there is plenty to do to maximize your protection against loss and danger. Preparing the home First, makes sure... Read Article