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Managing Employee Claim Risks

Managing people in the workplace can be risky business. Even in the best employment environments, there are opportunities for an employee tobecome disgruntled. Seemingly insignificant mistakes made by a manager can lead to a charge or lawsuit resulting in financial losses for your company. You can mitigate the risk to your business by purchasing employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). According to the U.S. Equal Employment... Read Article


A new report suggests that millions of Americans may have unwittingly purchased cars online that had safety recalls on them that weren't adequately addressed, putting them at risk of getting into an accident. In 2013, more than 3.5 million cars were sold via the Internet that had an open recall order in effect, according to an annual reported released by vehicle history report company Carfax.... Read Article

Chicken Breast For A Meal Maybe Not? Consumer Reports Indicates Food-Borne Illness Found On Nearly All Chicken Breasts

While many restaurateurs often have special suppliers for the foods that they prepare, some turn to grocery stores when they're running low on any given day. But before these products are purchased, they should be sure to pay attention to any recalls that are issued, as a recent release from Consumer Reports found that a substantial amount of chicken late last year had strains of... Read Article

2013 Calm for Natural Catastrophes Overall Not So For Minneasota

Though many climatologists and scientists anticipated that 2013 would be a year chock full of weather-related disasters that would be widespread, that's fortunately not the way things turned out. This is the conclusion of an annual report released by analytics and service provider CoreLogic in its "Natural Hazard Risk Summary and Analysis" report. Thomas Jeffery, senior principal scientist for CoreLogic, noted that from a standpoint of... Read Article

Cyber Security Awareness Month A Success, But Was It Enough?

Concern about hacking attempts and personal identity theft appear to have been major sticking points for many residents and business owners last year, as a record number of people participated in the country's annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month festivities, new statistics show. But with waves of recent news relevant to Target's security breach affecting 70 million customers, and hacking attempts made to Skype and... Read Article