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NHTSA: Car Crashes Cost $871 Billion

The financial and economic toll resulting from automotive accidents is north of $870 billion, according to a recent analysis performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Based on 2010 data, car crashes cost $871 billion in losses, stemming from auto insurance costs, property damage and reduced quality of life resulting from injuries sustained in these accidents, NHTSA revealed. "No amount of money can... Read Article

Hands Free Doesn’t Mean Distracted Free Driving

Even though hands-free devices are legal for motorists to use throughout the U.S., they're not considered to be safer than those that require physical manipulation. Based on a recent survey, though, most people believe that they are. Approximately 8 in 10 drivers said that they considered hands-free devices to be safer than using a handheld phone, according to a poll performed by the National Safety... Read Article

Fire Damage Another Factor Increasing Homeowner Insurance Rates

Thanks to homeowners insurance, policyholders can recover from property damage caused by fire relatively quickly. However, a new report indicates that the overall financial impact of fires has risen substantially in the past 30-plus years. The total cost of property fires in 2011 was $329 billion, according to newly released statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Adjusted for inflation, that's a 34% increase... Read Article

Smartphone Theft On The Rise

Perhaps because of their ubiquity, smartphones are being targeted by thieves like never before, being stolen at an alarmingly high rate, according to newly released statistics. Approximately 3.1 million people had their smartphones stolen from them last year, Consumer Reports found in its Annual State of the Net survey. That's nearly two times more than in 2012, when there were an estimated 1.6 million purloined... Read Article

July Is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

Being sure to lock the door has come to be a habit for automotive owners as a basic strategy to guard against theft, but these and other safety strategies are particularly important to follow in the summer, as it's consistently the peak time of year for car crime. July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. Along with August, more vehicle thefts take place around now... Read Article