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2013 Hurricane Season Among Calmest In History

Good news to end of 2013!  With the latest hurricane season now in the rearview mirror, weather experts say that it was one of the least active ones in recent memory. Reuters reported that the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was among the quietest in recorded history. In fact, not since 1968 have there been fewer named storms. Jeff Masters, a hurricane expert and director of... Read Article

7 Factors To Help Nail Down Your Home’s Reconstruction Cost

Custom features can add to rebuilding cost.   “I could never sell my house for that!”  How many times have we heard this said or even said it ourselves?  It’s easy to experience sticker shock when we see the value our insurance company wants to place on our home. Calculating replacement cost-or more accurately, reconstruction cost- is often a complicated process, and results can deviate... Read Article

Catastrophes The Driver Of Higher Homeowners Insurance Rates

NATURAL CATASTROPHES: U.S. If loss trends are similar to the last 20 years expect volatility in homeowners and all property insurance lines rates. Insured natural catastrophe losses in the U.S. totaled $58 billion in 2012 – far above the 2000 to 2011 average loss of $27 billion (in 2012 dollars) according to Munich Re. Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall in New Jersey, became the worst storm... Read Article

Extra Fee For Minnesota Auto & Home Insurance Policyholders

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Take a close look at your homeowner and auto insurance policies — the cost may be going up. Minnesota lawmakers are considering a bill to add a $5 surcharge on every policy in the state. It’s a way to help restore pensions for firefighters and police officers, but adding $5 to every one of those insurance policies is turning out to be... Read Article

Don’t Get Into a Storage War; Make Sure Your Storage Unit Is Properly Insured

Homeowners Insurance May Provide Off-premises Protection, But Policy Limits Differ Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home, safeguarding heirlooms after a death in the family or just cannot let go of those old mementos, storage units can provide a useful solution for dealing with extra belongings. While storage units may be the answer to de-cluttering your home, adequate insurance coverage is the answer to... Read Article