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2013 Calm for Natural Catastrophes Overall Not So For Minneasota

Though many climatologists and scientists anticipated that 2013 would be a year chock full of weather-related disasters that would be widespread, that's fortunately not the way things turned out. This is the conclusion of an annual report released by analytics and service provider CoreLogic in its "Natural Hazard Risk Summary and Analysis" report. Thomas Jeffery, senior principal scientist for CoreLogic, noted that from a standpoint of... Read Article

Contractor Selection Key To Successful Construction Project

If your family or business is planning a construction project in 2014, you can help assure your project’s success by selecting a qualified general contractor. Business owners and homeowners can mitigate construction risks by asking a lot of questions up front and weighing several factors before hiring a contractor. Keep in mind that a building contractor needs to be a business owner first and a... Read Article

U.S. Has An Aged Housing Inventory

While the U.S.' real estate landscape is dotted with newly built single-family houses, the overwhelming majority of homes in the country have been around for at least two decades. According to a recent report from foreclosure information firm RealtyTrac, an average of seven in 10 residences in the country were built prior to 1990. Additionally, of all the residential dwellings sold in 2013, approximately 60%... Read Article

2013 Hurricane Season Among Calmest In History

Good news to end of 2013!  With the latest hurricane season now in the rearview mirror, weather experts say that it was one of the least active ones in recent memory. Reuters reported that the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was among the quietest in recorded history. In fact, not since 1968 have there been fewer named storms. Jeff Masters, a hurricane expert and director of... Read Article

7 Factors To Help Nail Down Your Home’s Reconstruction Cost

Custom features can add to rebuilding cost.   “I could never sell my house for that!”  How many times have we heard this said or even said it ourselves?  It’s easy to experience sticker shock when we see the value our insurance company wants to place on our home. Calculating replacement cost-or more accurately, reconstruction cost- is often a complicated process, and results can deviate... Read Article