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According to numerous sources, a majority of individuals actually never read the entirety of their personal insurance policies. The fact is, if you do not know your insurance policy well, the risk of experiencing a personal finance loss will inherently rise. On the flip side, when you know your coverage, you will be better positioned to avoid a big financial mess. Here are some matters... Read Article

Don’t Settle For Minimum Insurance Coverage

When you have to buy a product or service - i.e. something that you know is important, but at the same time isn't exactly the first item on your 'must have' list - there's a natural tendency to only get the bare minimum. As the old saying goes, money doesn't grow on trees, and because of that, earnings are a precious commodity that requires financial... Read Article

Be Alert For Skimmers And Scammers!

It’s easy for a criminal to put a skimmer device on a credit card reader Before you swipe your bank card or credit card to make a payment or complete a bank transaction, be alert for skimmer devices attached inside or over the real card reader. Criminals use skimmers to capture the information from the magnetic strip on credit or debit cards, gaining unauthorized access... Read Article

Make Your Gift Count: Check Out Charities

Giving to a charity should not be difficult. Unfortunately, it can be. It is estimated that charity fraud exceeds $20 billion each year…yes, BILLION! What can you do to ensure your charitable gift is going to a legitimate charity and being used most effectively? Here are some tips: Do your homework. There are reputable and independent charity rating organizations you can check to verify the... Read Article

Please Don’t Be In This Group-Few Americans Scrutinize Insurance Policies Before Buying

Despite the many resources consumers have at their disposal to research homeowners insurance policies - not to mention renters, auto and other forms of coverage - few take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about the policies they're buying, according to new polling data. The survey, which was commissioned by the trade association Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, found that nearly 40%... Read Article