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6 Things You Need to Know About Rental Cars and Insurance

RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC Auto Insurance Despite the growing popularity of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, demand for rental cars continues to increase. Although there are many different situations in which you may need to rent a vehicle, the two most common are as a replacement for your primary vehicle after an accident or a means of transportation when you’re traveling. Understanding how your... Read Article

4 Innovative Technologies That You Will Want In Your Next New Car

The holiday season may have come and gone, but for car lovers, it's the most wonderful time of year. That's because it's auto show season, where all around the country - from Washington to Boston, Chicago to San Antonio - enthusiasts are getting an up close and personal look at the very latest of what car makers are featuring in their 2016 lineup. The brilliant... Read Article

Don’t Settle For Minimum Insurance Coverage

When you have to buy a product or service - i.e. something that you know is important, but at the same time isn't exactly the first item on your 'must have' list - there's a natural tendency to only get the bare minimum. As the old saying goes, money doesn't grow on trees, and because of that, earnings are a precious commodity that requires financial... Read Article

Top 5 Rules Of Defensive Driving

In terms of the physical makeup of cars, there's probably never been a safer time to be on the road. From blind spot warning systems to brake assist, advanced features such as these are all designed to help you steer clear of danger and avoid an oncoming crash. But one thing that even the best technology in the world can't change is behavior, as the... Read Article

Millennials Overwhelmingly Agree Car Ownership Is Important

People go their entire lives without ever owning a house and get along just fine. But one thing that just about everyone will possess at one point or another is a car. Based on a recent survey, millennials wouldn't have it any other way. Nine in 10 millennials - i.e. men and women who reached adulthood by the year 2000 - agree that car ownership... Read Article