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4 Ways a Video Can Help Your Business Recruit Employees

For many companies, finding – and retaining – talent can be an uphill battle. When budgets are tight and your company is in dire need of productive, dedicated, and driven employees, it can be hard to stand out from the rest.

But what if there was a way to help your company shine and attract attention from top candidates?

With video, now you can. While not necessarily brand new in the world of marketing and recruiting, video is finding more traction in recruiting. A video can provide an engaging and interactive message to attract and engage job hunters.

Here’s are four ways a video can help your business find new employees:

Highlight Company Culture

Many job candidates look at corporate culture as a major factor in choosing where to work. Even a well-reputed name and a good salary aren’t always worth it if the hours are long, managers are toxic and morale is low. In fact, turnover in a company with a strong culture is less than 14%, compared with 48% for a company with a poor workplace climate.

A video is a great way to show off what defines your business. That might include the dress code, the atmosphere in your office, or an open floor plan workspace. Showing your real self helps applicants to better make decisions, saving you effort in making changes down the line.

Share Your Team

When a job-seeker interviews for a job, that candidate usually meets a few people (such as a manager or a senior director). It’s more rare for candidates to have the chance to learn more about other workers in the business. In order to bridge this gap and provide an accurate representation of your human capital, you can highlight members of your team from a variety of departments.

What attracts applicants to a company can vary greatly, from seeking peers in the workplace to searching for professional mentors. When you use a well-made recruitment video to show them what they can expect, your pool of applicants will likely be a better fit for your needs.

Highlight Perks and Benefits

Salary is only one small part of compensation. Proactive employees are often looking for more than a biweekly paycheck. When you want to really up the ante, you need to share what other perks employees can expect.

Benefits that entice employees can range from paid time off (PTO) to fresh fruit and free lunches. Since many companies don’t expand on the full details of packages until after an offer is made, doing so off the bat can increase your appeal and present a fuller picture of your business as a place to work. If you have a great retirement plan, company-paid retreats, complimentary use of a car service, or robust healthcare benefits, a recruiting video can be the place and time to share this with your applicants.  Please contact RC4 Insurance, LLC for a review of your insurance and benefit offerings to stay competitive for the best employee candidates.

Demonstrate Expertise

Job-hunters often look first at the job, then the company. But when considering different offers, many job-seekers pare down topics such as a company’s role in its industry, key functions and plans for the future.

Instead of keeping your business and people hidden behind company walls, give job candidates something to get excited about. Share your goals, ideas, and successes, helping job seekers to understand why your company could be the right fit.

Video is a little more arduous to produce than a simple written job posting, but the benefits can prove worthwhile. A strong brand message leads to an increase in job applicants and a decrease in cost per hire, providing a win-win situation that can revolutionize your recruiting.

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