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4 Innovative Technologies That You Will Want In Your Next New Car

The holiday season may have come and gone, but for car lovers, it’s the most wonderful time of year.

That’s because it’s auto show season, where all around the country – from Washington to Boston, Chicago to San Antonio – enthusiasts are getting an up close and personal look at the very latest of what car makers are featuring in their 2016 lineup.

The brilliant sheen of vehicles’ exterior may be what turn heads, but the real attractions with each passing year are the technological features autos contain.

Brian Moody, executive director for third-party online car shopping website Autotrader, pointed out that technology affects everyone, either in the safety sphere or the entertainment domain.

“Technology is an important part of our lives and all of the major automakers are racing to integrate the latest and greatest features into their vehicles,” Moody explained. “The last several years have seen great advances in automotive technology, from features that keep drivers safer to some that make the car infinitely more entertaining to drive.”

The following are some of the car technologies that Autotrader considers to be must-have for new-car buyers this year:

1. Improved smartphone vehicle management
Let’s face it: Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, serving as an all-in-one package for texting, calling, photographing and emailing. Additionally, with applications installed, they can also perform hard-to-believe functions, like starting your car with the swipe of a finger. Autotrader noted that several 2016 models have interior features that are outfitted for smartphone users.

2. Parking assistance
Who wants to park when you can have someone – or in this case, something – do it for you? Automakers are appealing to this desire with self-parking technology, where a combination of sensors, cameras and steer-assisting features can let go of the wheel and let the onboard computer do its work – even fitting into tight spaces via parallel parking.

3. Self-steering technology
Every year, thousands of accidents and auto insurance claims occur after drivers fall asleep at the wheel. The most obvious way to fix this safety risk is for motorists to get the proper amount of rest, but car makers have raised the bar through the power of technology, as several 2016 models have semi-autonomous steering features. For example, if drivers drift out of the lane they’re traveling in, the onboard computer will self-correct to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line.

4. Refined infotainment systems
Yesterday, the center console typically contained a handful of buttons and levers designed to control the radio or the interior temperature. These haven’t gone away, but they’re now outfitted with a variety of creature comforts for kids and adults alike, like touch screens and infotainment portals. Vehicle valuation firm Kelley Blue Book recently awarded Volvo’s XC90 as 2016’s Best Auto Tech Award winner.

“With a keen focus on determining excellence in connected-car technology, we tested six touch screen infotainment platforms deemed worthy of consideration for the first Kelley Blue Book Best Auto Tech Award,” said Jack Nerad, executive editorial director for “One console in particular, the 2016 Volvo XC90 and its Sensus technology, was especially notable for its ability to enhance driving pleasure while also fostering safety. It stood above the rest when it came to feature content, response times, ease-of-use and value.”

In yesteryear, many of the latest technological features only came with highly equipped models. Today, they often come as standard components, which for some can be hard to transition to. To help with the integration process, the National Safety Council recently created a how-to website called Information on the online destination delves into what some of the latest automotive safety technologies are and how they work, both through video and readable instructions.

Many of today’s tech upgrades can not only save your life, but also save you money on your auto insurance premiums, as safety is one of the elements used to determine coverage rates.  Speak with RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC  to find out more.

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