Year: 2016

Enhance Your Property’s Value By Preserving Custom Features

Enhance your property’s value by preserving custom features - The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog Unique architectural features can greatly enhance the value of your building. The range of materials found in today’s architecture is vast and changing constantly as new materials and technologies are developed. Vintage or custom features such as wall surfaces, tile and carvings are just a few of the items you’ll want... Read Article

How Often Should You Check Your Credit Report?

If you've paid attention to the nation's real estate scene lately, you know that houses are selling like proverbial hotcakes. So much so that the number of listings in many communities has grown increasingly smaller, leaving prospective buyers with fewer choices. Soon-to-be homeowners aren't especially concerned about low inventory levels, though. The low they're worried about is their credit scores and whether they will prevent... Read Article

Distracted Driving: What Could Possibly Happen?

Highway safety experts blame inattentive – or distracted – driving for 80 percent of all car accidents. So with just a few seconds of additional awareness of the road around us, we could potentially eliminate around 80 percent of crashes. How can just a few seconds make a difference? Consider the distance traveled by a vehicle running down the highway at 60 mph, or one... Read Article

Damage to premises rented to you coverage: Tenants Beware

When you rent space for your business, check the coverage limitations in your insurance policy. When leasing a building for your business, you have an obligation as a tenant to compensate the building owner for damage caused by your operations. It pays to be familiar with your insurance policy to assure that you have no coverage gaps or surprises in the event of a loss.... Read Article

Pedestrian Death Rate Up By Double Digits

Smartphones have become so ubiquitous, it's hard to think of a scenario where you haven't seen them being used. We Americans have become literally fixated on our phones that we can be seen using them when they should clearly be in a pocket or at least in silent mode - such as when watching a movie in a theater or when riding a bicycle. Unfortunately,... Read Article