Year: 2015

Umbrella Insurance A Business Necessity

Umbrella coverage is essential for business success. There is a misconception that only large companies or corporations need umbrella insurance, that the coverage is expensive and may be unnecessary. On the contrary, an umbrella policy is a vital piece of coverage that can protect you and your business from losses that exceed your primary policy limits. The truth is you don’t have to have a... Read Article

3 Tips To Protect Your Business From A Lawsuit

Owning a business is a classic case of high risk, high reward. While it's not necessarily the equivalent to playing a game of craps in a Las Vegas casino - where the outcome is entirely subject to a roll of the dice - there are certain unknowns that accompany the pursuit. One of these is the chance of being sued. The United States is a... Read Article

Business Insurance: Why It’s Never A Bad Time For A Review

Running a business is a series of adjustments. Whether it's refining a product so it's more conducive to what customers are looking for, or something as simple as buying more product to account for higher demand, business ownership is a medium that's never static. In short, it's an arena that consistently needs reviewing in order to be successful. This is very similar to how business... Read Article

Easy Ways To Enhance Workplace Safety

Just in time for National Boss Day - which is celebrated today - supervisors are well regarded by their employees, it turns out. They may not be "besties," or "BFFs," but nearly 75% of workers consider their relationship with their boss to be good or excellent, according to a newly released survey from recruitment firm Spherion Staffing Services. Furthermore, a number of people in today's workforce look to... Read Article

Best Insurance Professionals Named By Minnesota Monthly Magazine

RC4 Insurance Agency, LLC congratulates Rick Cornejo for being named a Best Insurance Professional by Minnesota Monthly Magazine 2015!... Read Article