Year: 2014

3 Information Security Laws Everyone Should Know

Often referred to as the information superhighway, the Internet is used by 2.8 billion people throughout the world and as many as 85% of the North American population, according to statistical data. While this medium has enabled individuals and businesses to learn, grow and stay connected, it can also be used for fraudulent or deceitful purposes. As a result, over the past several years, there... Read Article

Ride Sharing- Driver, Rider Beware!

Ride-share alternatives to taxi services are becoming more popular as they expand to more cities. But because they’re so new, both riders and drivers should exercise caution. Ride-share programs on the surface sound like a win-win situation: if you need a ride, you can download an app to your mobile device to find and arrange transportation in a driver’s personal vehicle. A simple swipe of... Read Article

Why You May Want to Consider Bundling Your Auto Insurance

There are a lot of things to consider when buying auto insurance, such as how comprehensive plans are and overall quality. However, many buyers are motivated strictly on price and do not take the time to delve into what coverages they're actually purchasing. It's important for drivers to begin considering more than just price and take a more in depth look into the coverages they're... Read Article

Make Your Gift Count: Check Out Charities

Giving to a charity should not be difficult. Unfortunately, it can be. It is estimated that charity fraud exceeds $20 billion each year…yes, BILLION! What can you do to ensure your charitable gift is going to a legitimate charity and being used most effectively? Here are some tips: Do your homework. There are reputable and independent charity rating organizations you can check to verify the... Read Article

3 Things to Remember When Buying Home Insurance

If you've recently bought a house, chances are you can't wait to add your personal touch to turn the house into your home. For example, you probably have a good idea of what furniture you want to buy for each room - depending on how many people live there - and what maintenance items to purchase to help keep your home in good working order.... Read Article