Year: 2013

Maximize Your Insurance Dollars While Avoiding Five Common Insurance Mistakes

Facing higher tax rates, sluggish job growth and a faltering economy, consumers are reevaluating the way they spend their money. There are many smart ways to save on homeowners and auto insurance, but making the wrong choices can result in being dangerously underinsured. “There are simple steps you can take to cut the cost of your home and auto insurance while continuing to be financially... Read Article

Losses to catastrophic weather events rank 2012 among the worst on record

More bad news for property claims.  Property insurance rates will increase significantly in 2013.     The National Climatic Data Center has issued preliminary year-end statistics for the worst of U.S. weather in 2012 – the so-called “billion-dollar list” – and even without the final tallies filled in, the picture is not pretty. At least 11 weather events are known to have caused more than... Read Article