Year: 2013

2013 Hurricane Season Among Calmest In History

Good news to end of 2013!  With the latest hurricane season now in the rearview mirror, weather experts say that it was one of the least active ones in recent memory. Reuters reported that the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was among the quietest in recorded history. In fact, not since 1968 have there been fewer named storms. Jeff Masters, a hurricane expert and director of... Read Article

Restroom Cleanliness Key Indicator For Businesses

When it comes to customers and prospective employees determining how much a company values its workers, the bathroom may be the best  place to look, a recent poll suggests. More than nine in 10 Americans stated that the overall condition of a business's restroom is a telling indicator of whether or not company  management holds its workforce in high esteem, mainly from a standpoint of... Read Article

Unique Interview Styles

  While human resource managers and business owners in general come across lots of different personalities and people during employment  interviews, some stand out more than others. So much so, they're uniqueness was notable enough to be worthy of offering them a job. With this in mind, job search engine CareerBuilder recently polled nearly 2,100 hiring managers, asking them to talk about some of the... Read Article

Of cars, choices, consumption and crashes

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, and traffic safety organizations around the country are stepping up advertising to remind citizens of the hazards of drinking and driving. Learn more about alcohol-impaired driving In 2011, a person died every 53 minutes from a motor vehicle crash that involved an alcohol-impaired driver, totaling 9,878 deaths in the United States. These preventable accidents cost each adult in... Read Article


Slow down, save money … and lives How many times has the following happened to you? You’re speeding down 494 when you spot a state highway patrol car. You quickly hit the brakes and slow down, relieved that you didn’t get caught … this time. Now take a minute to think what could have happened if you hadn’t been so lucky. First, your speeding could... Read Article