Year: 2012

Ten Tips To Help You Improve Your Insurance Score

Credit scoring is here to stay for pricing insurance coverage.  Please review the follow ten tips to help improve your insurance score and hopefully reduce your insurance cost.   1.  Pay your bills on time. Timeliness in paying your bills improves your score.   2.  Manage your outstanding balances. As a rule of thumb, maintain account balances at least 75 percent below your available credit.... Read Article

The Good, The Bad, And The Details Behind Credit Scoring And Your Insurance

I am not a big fan of credit scoring as a rating-underwriting factor for insurance.  Unfortunately credit scores are here to stay for personal insurance rating.  The following article provides and explanation-information about the insurance industry use of credit scores. The goal of every insurance company is to correlate rates for insurance policies as closely as possible with the actual cost of claims. If insurers... Read Article

Another Record Setting Year for Property Claims

2010 was the record year broken.  Higher premiums and coverage reductions are probably next for insurance consumers. Private-Sector Insurers To Pay More Than $32 Billion In Claims From Natural Disasters In 2011 Federal Government Set Record For Disaster Declarations NEW YORK, December 30, 2011—Insurance companies will pay more than $32 billion in claims to help people rebuild homes and businesses damaged or destroyed by natural disasters... Read Article