Year: 2011

Get Ready for Another Extreme Winter: Protect homes from water damage. Proper maintenance during winter weather can reduce the risk of damage due to water intrusion

Step 1 Evaluate the risk Protect Pipes from freezing. When pipes burst because they froze or snow accumulation leads to significant water intrusion, your home and contents can suffer significant damage. Even if you live in an area where your home is frequently subjected to sub-zero temperatures and your plumbing system is designed to handle the cold temperatures, loss of power or heat can lead... Read Article

Get Ready for Another Extreme Winter: Winter Maintenance

 Is Your House Properly Winter-Proofed? Good Maintenance Can Prevent Damage to Your Home Winter-Related Disasters Cause Over One Billion Dollars In Losses Annually It can be hard to think about winter-proofing your home when the weather is still mild in many places, but now is the best time to prepare your home. Many winter-related disasters can be prevented if you take a few simple steps... Read Article

Get Ready for Another Extreme Winter: Preventing Roof Collapse

The past two winters have brought record amounts of snowfall across the country, and forecasters are again calling for especially cold and snowy conditions this year.  Avoid costly losses by getting prepared before freezing temperatures set in. PREVENT ROOF COLLAPSE Heavy accumulations of snow, ice and rain can lead to water damage and even roof collapse. Evaluate the risk Guidance for understanding how much snow... Read Article

Deer Collision Season

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety there are an estimated 1.5 million deer-vehicle collisions annually in the United States, causing more than 150 fatalities and $1.1 billion in property damage. These collisions become more frequent during the fall and winter due to the deer migration and mating season. This season usually occurs from October through December. Coupled with the facts that deer populations... Read Article

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Backup of Sewer & Drains???

Backup of sewer and drains... Will your homeowners insurance cover this? Fall and spring tend to be our wettest seasons making our homes most susceptible to the backup of sewer or drain lines. While these events don't occur often, when they do, the problem can be a small disaster. Did you know a standard homeowner's insurance policy excludes coverage for such an event? It's true.... Read Article