Year: 2011

First Day of Winter-Winter Driving Reminders

Today is the first day of winter so might be a great idea for refreshing the basics of winter driving. Hopefully I don't jinx the little snow fall in Minnesota this year.  Happy Holidays!!! The Weather Outside Is Frightful: So Is The Driving! Cars may be safer than they were decades ago, and weather forecasting may be more accurate, but winter is still one of... Read Article

Cellphones, Distracted Driving, Cell Phone Ban In Vehicles??

The National Transportation Safety Board has called for a ban on all cellphone use by drivers-including the use of hands-free devices. It is the most far-reaching such recommendation to date, based on a decade of investigations into distracted driving accidents, as well as concern that the increasing popularity of smart phones may give drivers even more reasons to look away from the road. Increased reliance... Read Article

Adult Children Living At Home Are They Covered?

With a tough job market, many parents are welcoming back grown children who they thought had left the nest for good. Here’s how to make sure they have the right auto, home and health-insurance coverage when they move back in with you. ________________________________________ Auto insurance. If your child just graduated from college and doesn’t have their own car, then your auto-insurance coverage may change very... Read Article

Cost of Car Crashes Per Person: $1,500

The total cost of motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. totals $299.5 billion, according to a study done for the auto club AAA. According to the study conducted for AAA by Cambridge Systematics, the overall cost of crashes equates to an annual per person cost of $1,522. The study examined the relationship between congestion and crashes to determine the relative economic impact by using figures... Read Article

Insurance Company Results First Half of 2011

Insurance company results are not good for the first half of 2011.  Companies may react and not in a good way for customers.  Plan to see large increases in property insurance premiums, coverage decreases, higher deductibles and other lines may see higher premiums to help prop up property insurance results in an effort to help overall results.  Article from ISO/PCI/INSURANCE INFORMATION INSTITUTE. ISO: Property/Casualty Insurers’ Profits and Profitability Tumbled In First-Half 2011... Read Article