Year: 2010

Home Insurance Replacement/Rebuild Cost. Homeowner Beware!

HOME REPLACEMENT-REBUILDING COST AND HOME MARKET VALUE ARE NOT THE SAME VALUE! Insurance companies don't care about the market value of your home.  I will restate to annoy and alarm, insurance companies don't care about the market value of your home.  Insurance companies however are very concerned with the replacement cost or rebuilding cost of your home.  Just about every homeowners insurance contract requires you... Read Article

Minnesota Homeowners Insurance Claim-Loss Problems

Minnesota was the third worst profitable homeowner’s insurance market in the nation for the decade that ended in 2008. Only Mississippi and Louisiana were worse. Insurance companies lost money in 8 of the last 10 years. What are the causes? Bad Weather: Hail Storms Wind Storms Tornados Pipe Bursting Cold Severe Snow Overall insurance carriers posted a 19.3% annual loss for the decade. In 2008... Read Article

What Is An Insurance Score

I am not a big fan of insurance scoring but insurance scoring is quickly becoming the insurance industries favorite tool to evaluate risk.  It is important to know how insurance scores are derived and used so everyone can manage credit to their benefit. What Is An Insurance Score An Insurance Bureau Score is a snapshot of a consumer’s insurance risk picture at a particular point... Read Article